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Learn the 10 Habits to find Happiness & Fulfillment 

Simple habits, easy to use tools,  tips, and strategies to improve and transform all areas of your life.

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Assess & Define

You will learn to uncover what you truly want, be given the tools and techniques develop a roadmap and develop a plan to get what you truly want in life.  Do you have a burning heart’s desire? Are you feeling stuck in any part of your life? is fear holding you back? is your mindset creating limiting beliefs that are keeping you from creating the life you truly want? My method will help you overcome your obstacles.


Attract & Create

Empowering and Transformational Techniques to become "The Master of Your Destiny!" Imagine and embody your dreams, step into your future, release what is holding you back, develop an abundance  mindset and develop simple habits to manifest and create the life you desire and realize lasting change.

Sustain & Maintain

You will be given tools and habits to incorporate into your daily life to create lasting change and help you navigate life. Learn about integrative, alternative and complementary modalities ~ ancient practices combined with modern research that will sustain and maintain the happiness, fulfillment, peace, calm, joy, health, wellness, and balance in all areas of life.

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Kim Kruysman is a certified Yoga Teacher (RYT-500), RMT, Meditation & Visualization Teacher, a Business Woman and Entrepreneur, who went from humble beginnings as a waitress to a successful business owner, traveling and importing home decor in her 20's, retail store owner, and later found success in real estate, achieving the Top 15% in the World within the International Real Estate franchise she was affiliated with. She now is on a journey to inspire others to dream big and stay balanced along the way.

"There were just as many struggles as successes. And it is OK to achieve and be successful. I learned the hard way to aim with purpose and passion, and maintain balance. When the foundation is solid, your home, your life will be filled with fulfillment and inner peace. My mission is to help you ... Create Your best life, a Life You Love .. so you can pay it forward also!

I Want To Create My Best Life!

How would your life and business change if you could create the life you dream about? Weekly tips, strategies and habits for creating abundance, change and transformation. Also be the first to know about courses and books that are in the works. I AM excited to be on this journey of growth together!


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