What I Learned From Reiki Training

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” - Nikola Tesla.


I became a reiki master last weekend and it was an amazing experience.

Now, you might be wondering, why would I study Reiki and become a Reiki master?

This ancient healing practice that originated in Japan intrigued me, AND it was the perfect addition to my journey of diving deeper and expanding my knowledge of the body, soul, and mind practices - so why not expand my learning to include the subtle energy that flows within and around all living things. 

What is Reiki: Reiki (pronounced RAY KEY) is a combination of two Japanese words rei and ki meaning universal life energy. Reiki is an ancient healing technique and it is believed that the imbalance of “life force energy” can contribute to disease and illness.  It is an energetic, spiritual (not religious) healing practice set in intention, compassion and love that we can use to help ourselves, others and the world. 

How does Reiki work: The Reiki practitioner channels and transfers positive, healing energy through the palms to the recipient by gently laying the hands on different parts of the body. This healing touch can remove blocks and allow the energy to flow freely, similar to the benefits of acupuncture or acupressure. Research has shown the effects of Reiki include stress reduction, lowered heart rate and blood pressure, and increased immune strength. 

What did I learn: 

Lots of incredible things: So I took the class, and it was intense. Two very full days of lecture and hands-on training in becoming an instrument of healing.  It was amazing — our instructors (Ginny East Shaddock and David Shaddock) gave us tools that we practiced over and over that empowered us to confidently share Reiki. The class isn’t for everyone, but I do highly recommend a reiki training for anyone who wants to learn more about the subtle body, our “life force energy”, and the connectedness of all of life.  I don’t know if all Reiki training includes this, but we were lucky to also learn about energetic enhancers, such as crystals, sound, color, intention dowsing, and meditation.

Embrace discomfort: As I said, the training was intense and discomfort arises when things are new to us. Many of the concepts were abstract and foreign to me. The weekend was long. We went from early morning to late at night. We learned history, Japanese symbols and rituals, we did practice sessions where we were using our energy and standing or sitting for long periods. Learning new things is not always easy. It takes time, commitment, perseverance, and work to learn. There are so many rewards in the end to overcoming the struggles and staying with your discomfort. The rewards will outweigh the discomfort also as this challenges us and helps us to grow.

Open Your Mind: I didn’t know how little I knew until all these new ideas were brought before me.  I love learning new things. When you open your mind to new ideas, new doors open to a bigger world with endless possibilities. 

Give the gift of presence: My favorite thing about Reiki is the feeling of being in the present moment. Reiki involves being present, being in the moment, feeling the energy, listening with our ears and our hearts, and giving and sharing energy. A great gift to give to everyone you encounter throughout your life.  Being present is a gift.

Awareness of Energy: I spent time with so many different people and learned how to become aware of energy, to sense it, and to feel it, and to detect it, and to correct it. I learned how to transfer energy and the amazingness of energy. I was tired at the end of the weekend and I felt the lack of energy. It was really awesome to be so aware of energy.

Intention matters: Someone once said, “where thought goes, energy flows”.  In Reiki, we can say “where intention goes, energy flows”. We set an intention to help someone and to be an instrument for healing. To take intention into our own lives, we should live with intention in everything we do. Taking time to ask ourselves why we are doing something, helps to be intentional.  

After taking the beginner Reiki training as part of my RYT-200 hr training, I welcomed the opportunity to advance my trainings in the Reiki Master Class as part of the 500-hour training. I am grateful for the experience and the valuable lessons I learned will be with me always.

Thank you to our instructors, and all the wonderful people we shared the day with. It was a great weekend!

xo Kim



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