Using Action to Break Through Fear

“Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.”  ~ W. Clement Stone

No matter how big the FEAR - ACTION will break down the wall. 

Action Begins With Intention 

Recognize that intention is a powerful universal life force that contains invisible energy to set things in motion. Everything in this world that happens, begins with intention.  Before you take action, you need to be intentional about casting aside your fears and setting further intentions to declare what you want to accomplish with your actions. When we take a tool out of our tool belt or toolbox, we have an intention to use the tool in some way.  You take our a hammer when you need to hammer a nail in to hang a picture. You take the level out because you want the picture to not be crooked. You take the measuring stick out to measure something. If you are taking the “action” tool out of your toolbox then you should have a clear intention of what you are using the tool for.  Be intentional. What is it that you are trying to accomplish. Maybe you have always wanted to visit China, the intention is to travel to China. You have a dream of switching careers, your intention then is to find a new job. You wish you had more friends or new friends that share similar interests, set your intention to make these new friends and meet new people. When you set the intention, you are now connected energetically with what you truly want, and if you can see it as if it is already happening, then you are activating the power of intention.


Every Moment Free from Fear Makes Man Immortal.”  ~ Robert E. Grant


Replace Thinking with Doing

How an idea takes form in your mind is through thought.  You are thinking about getting a new job. When you move from thinking to doing, you are setting things in motion through intention.  You can think all day about how fun it would be to take a Yoga class, but it’s when you tell yourself you are going to get up, put on the Yoga pants, and head out the door to the Yoga studio that the thought turns into an intention and then to action. Being intentional and taking action to overcome your fears is not always easy, but it is what makes your life meaningful. 

The action brings thoughts and dreams to life. It is one thing to set the intention, it is another to live and be the intention through the action. Intention: travel, Action: research ticket prices and book a ticket.  Intention: find a new job, Action: type up a resume and make application. Intention: make new friends or meet new people, Action: smile and start conversations.


If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. ~ Dale Carnegie


Strategies to Move from Fear to Action:

According to research, it is estimated that our brains produce up to 50,000 thoughts per day. The neuroscientist and philosopher Dr. Deepak Chopra, says “This is not surprising. What is disconcerting is that 90% of the thoughts you have today are the ones you had yesterday.” So if most of our thoughts are repeated daily, then you can see the problem that having a fear mindset can cause in our daily lives.  

So I would like to share ways that you can move past your fears:


  • Change the Channel


Bring awareness to your thoughts throughout the day.  When you notice yourself thinking from a fear mindset, change the channel by changing your mind about how you are thinking about the situation in front of you.


  • Listen to Your Heart


Because we have so many thoughts racing through our minds every day, most people don’t slow down long enough to listen to the voice inside.  When you take time to be still, to listen to your heart then you will have more confidence moving forward because you know it is what you truly want and the fear will diminish.


  • Dream Big


Are you allowing yourself to dream?  Did you close the door to your dreams? Open the door and allow the dreams to flood in.  Remove the I Can’t, I’m Not mindset and replace it with the I Can and I Am mindset. You can and should dream big.  This is your life, don’t limit yourself with limiting beliefs.


  • Use the Power of Intention


Remember this little phrase:  “I AM”. These two little words will reinforce the above strategies.  “I AM” going to change the channel of my mind. “I AM” going to take time for myself and listen to my heart.  “I AM” going to dream big. “I AM” going to live an intentional life. 


  • Align with Your Intention and Take Action


Once you incorporate all the techniques above as habits into your daily life, you will begin to feel more aligned and connected to your body, your mind, your heart, and the universe.  The more you practice, the more you will know what you want, why you want it, and be able to take control of your mind and your life.  

Go forward and take action with confidence and fearless intention into that which will make your life meaningful and purposeful.

 xo Kim


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