S.O.S. Summer Organic Self-Care

Self-Care Tips to Get You Through Summer


Summer is still in full swing and many of us have veered off the tracks with self-care as we go-go-go trying to squeeze in every bit of summer fun.  I find it harder during the summer and holiday months to maintain healthy eating habits and tend to overindulge or eat and drink things I normally wouldn’t due to parties, festivals, and eating on the run.  Let’s not beat ourselves up too much, it’s ok to get derailed from routine, it happens to everyone. Let’s grab the wheel, take control and get back on track.

Summer is a time to have fun and feel free, but it is important and necessary to remember to take good care of yourself in between the sun and fun.

If the summer fun has you feeling run-down or out of balance, it might be time to send out the S.O.S. signal and realize that you might need to do one very important thing: give yourself some love!

You might be saying right now “but I don’t have time”.  I promise you that these summer healthy hacks are so simple, and you will have time because they are easy to add to your daily routine.  You will feel better, look better, have more energy, keep your immune system strong, and stay balanced in your digestion and sleep habits. 

“Self-care is how you take your power back.”                 ~ Lalah Delia

Not only are these tips healthy and simple, but they are also organic and ayurvedic. What is Ayurveda you say? Ayurveda is an ancient whole body health and healing system. This traditional system of medicine originating in the South Asian region maintains a firm belief that health and overall wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. The physical, mental and spirit are linked to our environment and the world around us and ultimately affect our health, wellness, happiness, and longevity.  It is also believed that each season is governed by a unique element and doshas, and as such we should adjust our diets and routines to naturally flow and change with the seasons. Summer is considered a pitta season and as the heat, brightness, and intensity of the sun are heating things up outside, it is important to keep yourself cool on the inside, mentally and physically.  

Simple, Organic & Ayurvedic

The reason I titled this Summer “Organic” Self- Care is because according to ayurvedic principles, we should avoid putting toxins into our body. Try to use natural products whenever possible and if you can buy organic foods, we hope to eliminate any chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers from entering our bodies. Toxins can cause imbalance and illness in the body. I know sometimes it is not in the budget to buy everything organic and natural.  My philosophy is that the more we support the manufacturers and distributors of the natural and organic products, the law of supply and demand will come into play and hopefully over time the prices will come down as more and more people every year recognize the benefits of taking care of bodies to prevent illness instead of waiting to get ill, and then kicking in the good habits.

As Leo Babauta from Zen Habits says in regards to self-care: “Let’s pursue what is in our control. Living a balanced lifestyle, getting adequate rest, staying hydrated so our bodies can rid themselves of impurities, getting some form of reasonable exercise and eating pure foods are all in our control and are something we can do to help stay healthy.”

I do believe that each and every one of us wants to live a healthy and balanced life.  I believe in you and you need to believe in yourself that you can make simple changes. Change the channel of negative talk in your head, and replace it with positive affirmations.  I AM going to take care of myself. I AM going to make time in my day for me. I AM going to take control of my health and happiness.  

Having a positive outlook and the right mindset is a sure way to get started on the right foot for lasting change and success with healthy habits.

How to Care For Ourselves Daily

This is a challenge we all face, taking time out for ourselves. We go through life at a pace unlike those who live in other countries.  We work too much. We overschedule. We stress. We worry. We feel guilty. We have this constant chatter in our minds about everything we need to do, everything we are not doing and what we should be doing, and everything we would like to do. We live in fear over the future and what might or might not happen.  We compare ourselves to others and let envy and jealousy creep in because we spend too much time on social media. We don’t give ourselves any slack or downtime. We don’t care fully for ourselves. We are overly critical of ourselves. 

Take time for yourself now and prevent illness. The way some of us live our lives is a never-ending cycle that leads to illness.  When you are dealing with feelings of depression, stress, anxiety, jealousy, envy, anger, hate, sadness or any feelings that bring you down instead of lifting you up, this affects your mental health.  It is now estimated that ⅓ of people in our population deal with some type of diagnosable mental illness at any given time. Taking care of your mind is just as important as taking care of your body. Including self-care into your routine that boosts your mood and your mind for a healthy and strong brain and mindset is just as important as eating healthy.  

Taking care of our whole self - body, mind, and spirit is the answer to a complete and whole self-care routine. A balanced life leads to contentment and happiness.

You may have thought that this would be just tips for healthy eating. That’s because most of us do not think of incorporating daily habits to nourish our mind, body, and soul.

Little habits. So simple. You just get in the habit of little habits.  10 minutes here, 10 seconds there. You can incorporate little habits into almost every part of your day.  While brushing your teeth, filling your water, standing at the copy machine, laying in bed, walking the dog, watching tv, while working.

Remember these two phrases: “I AM” and “Little Habits = Lasting Change.”

Think of I AM as you go through your day and remember the phrase “Little Habits = Lasting Change” as you are doing anything that is self-care. Here are a few ayurvedic  “S.O.S. Summer Organic Self-Care” habits to nourish yourself for the rest of the summer :

 Challenge yourself to be good to yourself. How about a girl’s night in instead of the girl’s night out that leaves you feeling exhausted the next day?  A selection of herbal teas, a basket filled with natural-ingredient face masks, a potluck “bring a healthy dish” to share, and a playlist filled with your favorite tunes or a trip to Redbox for some feel-good and fun movies.  Some of my favorites are Thelma and Louise, Mamma Mia, and Pitch Perfect. 

Book a massage, a facial, get a mani-pedi, take a Yoga class, take a walk in nature, buy some essential oils and a diffuser for your home, curl up with a book, take a nap in the middle of the day, or how about ordering in from your favorite restaurant and have it delivered or treat yourself to a trip to a farmer's market to stock up for a healthy week and don't forget the green smoothie ingredients. 

Have fun and add some me-time to every day of your life!  xo Kim



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