How To Live a Deeper and More Purposeful Life

“We all have a purpose, and if you make it your mission to discover your great and meaningful purpose on this earth, and declare that mission to yourself and the world, then you will come into alignment with the universe and your destiny." ~ Kim Kruysman

Writing a personal mission statement to create your purpose and direction.

I am sure you have seen mission statements before.  Businesses and companies of all sizes write a mission statement to show the world why they exist, what they stand for, and it also gives them a clear direction to follow.  The decision makers can look to the mission statement to formulate goals that are in line with their mission.

Mission statements are not only for businesses. I believe a personal mission statement is one of the most important things you can do to have a clear picture of whether you are living your life authentically and with purpose. I spent many years of my life creating experiences, jumping from job to job, starting new businesses, and moving from place to place.  I had no clear direction, and I always felt like something was missing in my life. It wasn't until I took some time to dive deep into my heart and soul that I realized true happiness and work that did not feel like work. 


To develop your own personal mission statement, you are forced to bring your attention inward and search deep for your true self, what you believe your purpose of being is and what is most important to you.


To help you get started, below, I have shared a list that I used to define my ultimate statement. Grab a notebook and pencil and make a list of what is most important to you (your missions) as you go through life. We will then use this list to develop a concise “personal mission statement.”

  • Personal Mission #1 -  “Never stop learning and absorbing.” Upon graduating from college, my favorite professor Dr. Miller (really his name!) gave me this one bit of advice to never stop learning that I have always taken to heart. I find it exciting that there is so much to learn, and our options are endless for whatever our passions are.  
  • Personal Mission #2 -  I love to dream, create, build, achieve, and be the master of my destiny. I want to always work for myself (thanks to my hard-working, entrepreneur father who instilled the belief that I could be and do anything).
  • Personal Mission #3 - Give Back. I feel like we all have a purpose and can help make the world a better place whether it is sharing our knowledge, being a mentor or inspiration to others, contributing our time,  or making donations if our time is limited.
  • Personal Mission #4 - “Stop and Smell the Roses” and “Work hard, Play Harder” are two of my favorite simple quotes. If you don’t have someone to remind you to slow down and play, schedule it. My family is everything to me and the most important and rewarding part of my life. Savor the moments you have with your family and friends because someday those people may not be in your life. Also taking time for yourself, nourishing the body, soul, and mind are a must.

It’s your turn! Turn your missions into your purpose statement.


Define your “Mission”

Take some time based on your list of missions to condense these into a few sentences or a short paragraph.  

From the above list, I have formulated this mission statement for my life:

“It is my mission never to stop dreaming, chasing my dreams and reveling in the joys, challenges, and successes in this journey called life. I live for the laughter, struggles, sorrows, and memories that I make and share with family and friends. I will practice gratitude for all the little things in life and never lose sight of what is important or take anything for granted.  I strive to take care of myself and be the best version of myself so that I can be a there fully for the people who need me, be a ray of light and expand the good in the world.”


Once you have created your personal mission statement, it’s time to create your yearly goals to support your overall life mission. Why not dream big this year!


My Goals For 2019 to Support My Life Missions

 1. Advanced Yoga Teacher Training RYT500 

I love Yoga, meditation and staying healthy so continuing and advancing my Yoga and Meditation practices are #1 on my list this year.  When I am practicing Yoga, it is a reminder to me that we are responsible for our own happiness. 

2. Nourish

My goal for this year is to continue to make the right food choices and expand my healthy food recipe collection. I love creating healthy meals, and when I nourish myself, I feel better, have more energy, and the quality of my life is improved. 

3. Writing 

I have always loved to read and write.  With the business of life, my writing took a back seat. My website and blog are a way for me to keep with my writing and I have made writing part of my daily habits. In addition to writing articles and blog posts, I will be working on several new projects that I will unveil in the future.   

4. Expanding the Good 

I believe the path and the journey I am on right now will expand the good in the world.  I want to make the world a better place, and I make it a habit to ask myself when coming up with new ideas whether it is staying true to my mission to expand the good in the world and help people to lead happier and more balanced lives.   

5. Fitness Goals 

My goal is to keep moving! In addition to my Yoga practice, I also like to walk daily, especially outside where I can be with nature and breathe in the fresh air. I have always been a walker and not a runner.  This year I am going to add some jogging into the mix.


I have a little secret about dreams & goals that I will share with you - they keep you alive and engaged in life!  If you stop dreaming, you start dying. I let myself dream, I think about my overall life mission, and what I can realistically do to support my mission with the time and resources I have. I then set goals to help me stay on track and realize my dreams!


I have other goals and habits that I incorporate into my life, but these are the “Big 5” that I am choosing to give my focus this year.

What will you choose to focus on this year? Trying something new, changing bad habits, or transforming your life in some way?  I love the quote from Buddha, “No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again.” We have all made mistakes in the past.  I encourage you to start today and don’t let those past mistakes hold you back from transforming your future!

Here's to living a purposeful life!





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