How to Be Extraordinary Every Day

How to Make Extraordinary a Daily Habit


"If there is one thing I have learned, it is that we decide how we are going to show up every day! How are you going to show up today ... for your work, for your family, for your loved ones, and life? Be extraordinary!"  ~ Kim

A few months back, I decided I was going to move forward with some projects that had been stirring in me for a few years.  I decided that the timing was right, as I would be finishing my 500 hour Yoga teacher training at the end of the year. I jumped in to start a website, blog, course creation and putting pen to paper for a book idea that had been brewing. At the time, I was still working full time in real estate and teaching yoga.  I set an intention to show up every day happy and joyful, even though I would be adding a lot more hours to my workday while juggling time with my family and household demands.

The trouble with trying to be extraordinary every day, and we all can relate, is that we wake up with a joyful heart and tell ourselves that the day is going to be a great day … and we set the expectations too high. When things don’t work out, and they invariably will at some point, we beat ourselves up.  We let stress, overwhelm, and negative self-talk creep into our lives.

It’s ok, though, because just setting that intention every day is like a shining north star for the rest of the day. The kids will argue, the dog will throw up on the carpet, a client might have a gripe, and we might forget someone’s birthday.  All those little things that pop up to bring you down will tug at you, and you might start to feel like a balloon that is losing helium. You are trying to stay up but down, down, down, you slowly drift. Until you remember that little intention you set at the beginning of the day. Your north star, your intention, can become a habit. With practice, being intentional and being extraordinary can become almost automatic, and much more accessible every day, instead of a constant internal and external struggle.

I have been using intention setting for a few years now in my daily life, and every day may hold different intentions, but I have a few that I keep with me every day, and being extraordinary is one of them.  I strive to get a little better every day and show up as my best self.  I use this intention as a reminder of how I want to show up in the world every day.  I use it as a habit reminder, and as a way to reach my goal of completing my website with courses this year and completing my book proposal to submit to Hay House.  These are big goals, and I am going to continue with this intention, and other habits until my goals are realized, and then I may have to analyze and modify things once I am in a new season.  I know I will have setbacks and unexpected delays, but it’s ok. Part of being extraordinary is not letting the little things or the big things in life stop you in your tracks. 

If you would like to make being extraordinary a habit, how about a 30-day Challenge, and by the end of the 30 days, you might have a new habit formed, a little habit that could have lasting change in your life.  Here are some tips that will help you to develop being extraordinary into a daily habit:

  1. Write it on your calendar. Go through your schedule and at the top of every day, I want you to write this:  “I AM extraordinary”. If you are like me, you look at your calendar several times per day, and this will be a reminder.  If you don’t look at your calendar, then every morning write your "I AM" intention on a sticky note, and place it where you will see it. Or set a reminder on your phone to alert you several times per day.  This is an essential step in the first 30 days as “out of sight, out of mind” is true. If you are not taking action to make it a habit, then it may not become a habit at all. 
  2. Place a journal next to your bed. Every morning when you wake up, and every night before you go to bed, write:  “I AM Extraordinary.” Fill a page and keep filling them.
  3. Awareness. This is one of the most important tips.  Whenever I am moving through my day, the tides of emotions are ebbing and flowing. I’m happy and joyful, someone cuts me off, and I feel annoyance creeping in.  Be aware of your emotions and keep them in check. This will take practice, and your old habits might be resistant to the new habits taking over. Your old pattern might be to flip off the person in the other car, and your new habit is to show up extraordinary.  That means you are going to let it go and take things in stride. Don’t let those little things get to you.  
  4. Calm. As you become more aware of your ability to control your actions and reactions, you can introduce other habits that will help you to show up every day, in every way - extraordinary.  Another tool is to learn how to be calm and bring stillness into your daily routine. Quieting the mind allows you to connect with yourself, and to connect with the universal energy. You can bring the mantra: "I AM Extraordinary" into your calm practice.  A mantra is a word or phrase repeated during meditation. Focusing on a mantra helps to calm the clutter of the mind. If you do not currently have a meditation practice, start with one minute sessions and try adding a minute daily until you can sit for 10, 15, or even 30 minutes of calm and quiet time.
  5. Have Fun with it.  We all avoid things that bring displeasure and gravitate towards the fun stuff.  As your singing to the radio, throw your “I AM extraordinary” affirmation into the song in place of the correct lyrics.  Look into every mirror you pass, smile super big, and say what? Yes, you guessed it, “I AM extraordinary.” How about writing it into the steamy mirror or write it big with some hot pink lipstick on the mirror.  As you are walking, try breathing in for a four-count I - AM - EX - TRA - breathe out for four count - OR - DI - NA - RY.  You get the picture, make it fun until you make it a habit!
  6. Let Go of Expectations.  The fewer expectations of perfection you place on yourself, the more room you will allow for being your best.  Give yourself time and space to grow and develop the habits that will create shifts in your life. Change doesn’t happen overnight.  Think about a seed. You plant it and have these ideas in your mind of how big it will be, and the fruit it will bear, and how it will look.  But you need to water the seed and give it water, and light, and eventually it will grow. It will grow in its own time. Set the intention, be mindful and intentional, and then surrender the outcome to the universe.
  7. Gratitude. This one is a bit of an accelerator. The more you bring appreciation into your life, the more extraordinary you will become.
  8. You are not what you have. Material possessions do not define who you are as a person, your inner self.  You are extraordinary because you are part of this world. It is a miracle that every one of us is here.  Being extraordinary is inside of every one of us. It’s how we let our light shine out into the world that makes us extraordinary.
  9. Be Authentic. Easier said than done sometimes.  So many people are caught up living how other people expect them to.  You might be working a job that is not in line with your authentic self right now, but it’s how you show up at that job that makes you extraordinary.  Once you open the door to your true self for others to get to know the real you, then your true and authentic self can naturally show.  

Go out there and "Be Extraordinary"!  xo Kim

“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” —Og Mandino


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